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Magic Wheel: a new way of transport

12 Nov


You like to move around town in anything but a car? Magic Wheel is yet a new way of transportation and it looks likes fun. It consists of one large wheel and one small wheel, kind of like old-timer bicycles. The use is quit similar to a skateboard or scooter. It operates through the rider planting one foot on the Wheel’s platform while pushing with their other leg.

Super Green Boards are eco friendly

12 Nov

Ready for an eco-friendly super green board? You should be! Look at the facts: Bamboo is the worlds fast growing plant. It takes only five years for a stalk to mature compared to hundred year for maple, the golden standard for the manufacturing of skateboards because of it’s strength under the pressure of the rider. Bamboo is 17% harder than maple, making it excellent material for boards. It’s an great converter of CO2, converting more than eight times that of trees. That’s why SuperGreen Boards takes a lot of pride in making high quality, durable boards, made from eco-friendly materials. It takes about 2 weeks to make a board custom made to your specifications.