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Carrotmob use consumer power

9 May

Using consumers as bate could be a new way of pushing companies to make an eco friendly contribution. Carrotmob is a non-profit organization that creates incentives for companies to make
socially-responsible business decisions by building a network of consumers and leveraging the power of those consumers to give companies financial rewards.
Founder of Carrotmob is Brent Schulkin who started out at Google, then became an independent documentary filmmaker, and most recently active in the corporate team-building space, creating elaborate, customized events for his clients.
The video shows their first campaign which was without a doubt a great success.

Dear God I need to pray

8 May

Dear God is a global project for people around the world to share their innermost hopes – and fears – through prayer.
It doesn’t matter what your version of God is…Jesus, Allah, Buddha or simply a spiritual universal energy… praying to a higher power soothes and heals. It’s scientifically proven that people who pray are healthier, happier and more resilient.
Share your prayers and help people create hope one prayer at a time. Simply send your personal letter to your God and/or a picture that sums up your message visually. (Dear God will source a picture if you don’t have one).
Thank you God!

Pictures of last nights party

5 May

Did you also enjoy last nights party? Let’s see some pics!
The creator of these hip, voyeuristic and sometimes smelly pictures is Merlin Bronques, nightlife photographer. Yes, we know there is some nudity involved. We also know these pics are fresh!
In 2006 ‘Lastnightsparty: Where Were You Last Night?’, a book showcasing his work got published.

Face Stat helps you choose the best photo

23 Apr

Having trouble choosing the right profile picture for your social networks? FaceStat is giving you the chance to pick the right one. It helps you choose a photo where you look attractive and funny as well as trustworthy and not intoxicated. You can upload a picture from your hard drive or Facebook so that others can rate you in a dozen categories. FaceStat uses Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to do the processing.