Free vector art

9 Jan

Vector art is booming! Everybody wants vector graphics and preferably for free. FreeVector is a new website offering free vector art to the public. Their daily updated Vector Art Gallery is huge and stuffed with exclusive vector graphics for you to download for free.

Almost free vectors on Shutterstock

25 Jan

Shutterstock is a microstock website not only selling photos but also a lot of vectors. A microstock agency is basically a stock art site that lets artists post their artwork on the site and sell royalty free licenses. Artists retain all the rights to their work and collect a percentage of the royalties when their artwork sells on the site. Shutterstock offers several subscription plans and it is definitely not expensive. For example, their one-month plan cost $139 and enables designers to download up to 750 royalty free images per month or you can select an On Demand Subscription for the greatest flexibility. That means that you can download whenever you need images for up to a year. Granted, you don’t find free vectors on Shutterstock, but still they are really inexpensive.

Securely share files too big for e-mail with file-ai

14 Jul is a free web site that enables people to securely share files with one another that cannot be easily sent via e-mail. You don’t need to download or install any software, and your files are not uploaded to any server. The files are encrypted and sent directly, peer-to-peer, through your existing web browser.

More fun searching with Viewzi

7 Jul

Viewzi brings us a new visual way of presenting information. Instead of one long (boring) list, you get a nice visual view tailored for the content you are looking for. Viewzi provides users with 16 unique ways to view search results: Video x3 view with results from Youtube, BlinkX and Veoh, Web screenshot view which searches Yahoo, 4 source view with results from all 4 of the top search engines (Google, Yahoo,, and MSN), Basic photo view shows images from popular image sharing sites Flickr and Riya, and many more.
The service loads in browsers such as Firefox, IE 7 and Safari. It requires Flash 9.

Thanks Viewzi, we love it!

Style Pointer lets you shop by celebrity looks

25 Jun

StylePointer brings us a new way of shopping on the net. This innovative shopping experience allows you to shop trendy apparel items by celebrity styles. For example, you almost always adore what Kate Moss is wearing so you can browse through Kate’s latest looks. StylePointer matches clothes and accessories that are similar to those shown in the look. Prices can range from a few dollars to over hundred dollars so you can fit the outfit to your budget.
StylePointer recently added a feature by which you can also shop by body shapes. At the moment three shapes are supported: Pear-shape, Apple-shape and Petite-shape. “Apple-shaped body means upper body (tummy, arms, back area) is relatively heavier than the rest of your body. Pear-shaped body means lower body (bottom and/or thighs areas) is relatively heavier. This is the most common body shape of women, especially those who are over 30 or have had babies.” explained Vivian Wong, VP of product management of StylePointer.
StylePointer affiliated with dozens of highly reputable partners such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Shopbop, Amazon, etc. Users can hence shop with ease by knowing the products are with high quality and satisfactory after-sales services.

HUGO Fragrances “Say It, Spray It” online slogan contest

17 May

Your originality, humor and creativity can earn you fame. HUGO Fragrances challenges you to express yourself and enter the new slogan contest ‘Say It, Spray It’. If you win the challenge your slogan gets ‘sprayed’ on a NYC billboard. The entries are judged on the basis of relevance, innovative thought and mass appeal. Deadline is June 19.

Carrotmob use consumer power

9 May

Using consumers as bate could be a new way of pushing companies to make an eco friendly contribution. Carrotmob is a non-profit organization that creates incentives for companies to make
socially-responsible business decisions by building a network of consumers and leveraging the power of those consumers to give companies financial rewards.
Founder of Carrotmob is Brent Schulkin who started out at Google, then became an independent documentary filmmaker, and most recently active in the corporate team-building space, creating elaborate, customized events for his clients.
The video shows their first campaign which was without a doubt a great success.

Dear God I need to pray

8 May

Dear God is a global project for people around the world to share their innermost hopes – and fears – through prayer.
It doesn’t matter what your version of God is…Jesus, Allah, Buddha or simply a spiritual universal energy… praying to a higher power soothes and heals. It’s scientifically proven that people who pray are healthier, happier and more resilient.
Share your prayers and help people create hope one prayer at a time. Simply send your personal letter to your God and/or a picture that sums up your message visually. (Dear God will source a picture if you don’t have one).
Thank you God!

Trend Micro HouseCall free Online Virus and Spyware Scan

8 May

Trend Micro HouseCall is an application for checking whether your computer has been infected by viruses, spyware, or other malware. It also detects system vulnerabilities and provides a link so you can easily download missing security patches. After each scan, HouseCall delivers a detailed report, which identifies security threats detected on your computer.

As Dot What tells you all about file extensions

6 May

We have all been in a situation where someone sends us a file with an extension we don’t know, and of course we can not open the file.
As Dot What!? is a resource site providing information about file extensions, the part of the file name after the dot, like .jpg or .zip. You can search the database by selecting the first character of the extension from the character index or use the search function and find out what exactly the extension does and how it can be used. As Dot What!? mainly covers programs that run on Windows, Mac or Linux.